SAI Platform's 2022 Calendar of Events

10 January 2022 / News

The SAI Platform Australia's calendar of events for 2022 has been developed.  If you are a member, please log-in to see the year ahead. 

SAI Platform has brought together a unique membership spanning the whole supply chain end-to-end to benefit from sustainability learning, including through presentations from members which alert participants to key sustainability issues facing them and their industry to build knowledge for both individual member representatives and their organisations. 

Among its many achievements, SAI Platform has facilitated collaboration between members on several path-breaking projects generating knowledge and strategic benefits for members, including projects on water footprinting, rural social resilience, consumer attitudes to sustainability, use of precision technology which produced draft principles for good governance of digital agricultural data and engaging consumers on sustainability issues which can be used by members, and modelling climate impacts along the supply chain. 

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