SAI Regenerative Agriculture Strategic Theme

22 April 2022 / News

Nick Betts described how dozens of SAI Platform members have provided financial resources and time to the SAI Regenerative Agriculture initiative, with the aim of creating a common, systems-based understanding of what constitutes regenerative agriculture that empowers farmers locally by being flexible and implementable on-farm.  By the end of 2022, the initiative will produce a set of principles that will then underpin a series of indicators, enabling benchmarking and testing via pilot projects. 

Michael Waring discussed the opportunities and challenges facing cane farmers in developing regenerative practices. Cane farmers through the Cane Farming Forum, a grassroots farmer-led peer learning initiative, has focussed on reduced tillage, controlled traffic, reduced monoculture and practices that apply in the wet tropics environment.  Farmers are currently undertaking controlled trials and believe regenerative practices are generating similar yields but have reduced their input costs.

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