Sustainable Sourcing in Food & Fibre short course

24 July 2022 / News

SAI Platform Australia is co-designing with the University of Melbourne School of Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE) the new Sustainable Sourcing in Food and Fibre short course. Melbourne MicroCerts are the University's microcredential offering and participants can earn a digital competency badge equal to one-quarter of a University of Melbourne subject, so it can be the beginning of a more formal qualification. The course is a self-paced introduction of the essentials for those who are new to sustainable sourcing and can be undertaken in a timely and efficient manner that does not detract from day-to-day work commitments. There are 8 hours of contact learning in total with 40 hours of self-paced reading and assessment. The cost is $990. SAI Platform Australia encourages members and readers to share information about this short course within your organisation. It will be a great way to help onboard newcomers, build their skills and knowledge or perhaps acknowledge the hard work and potential of young staff or new recruits. This course will assist individuals and businesses working in food and fibre production to build supply chains that are sustainable, which is increasingly important. Enrol now.

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