Greenham joins SAI Platform Australia

31 July 2023 / News

Australian family-owned livestock buyer and processor, Greenham, has joined SAI Platform Australia as a new member. The company has operations in Tongala and Gippsland in Victoria and Tasmania where it buys livestock from over 9,000 local suppliers through live weight buying centres or ‘over the hooks’ trading at their plants. 
"At Greenham, we are passionate about delivering premium beef aligned with the values of our global consumers," said Jessica Loughland, Greenham Livestock Supply Chain Manager. "By joining the SAI Platform Australia, we look forward to building connections and gaining valuable insights from fellow members across diverse sectors of the supply chain. This collaboration will allow us to broaden our knowledge of sustainable food production and help us better support our producers in the adoption of best practice management to protect the land and communities in which we operate for future generations.”

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