Woolworths Group joins SAI Platform Australia

09 July 2023 / News

SAI Platform Australia is very pleased to welcome Woolworths Group as a new member. The participation of one of Australia's major supermarket chains is an exciting opportunity to enhance the discussions and shared learnings of the Platform. Woolworths Group have participated in recent events including the November 2022 Field Trip to Wagga Wagga, recognising the value of SAI Platform Australia as a pre-competitive, across the supply chain organisation dedicated to sustainable agriculture.  “Many of our suppliers are already investing in sustainable agricultural practices and SAI will provide a new avenue to drive impact through collaboration in our supply” said Troy Nixon, Woolworths Group Sustainable Agriculture Manager.

“We are excited to formally welcome Woolworths Group, and look forward to working with them to drive positive outcomes for sustainable agriculture in Australia” said SAI Platform Australia President, Mick Anderson. 

Learn more about Woolworths Group Sustainability program.

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